It’s clear to us (because we’ve all been there), that people come to God from all different places in life. We want you to know that we feel the same way about you that Jesus does. At the end of the Bible He invites everyone to come to Him. If He invites everyone, everyone is invited to Susquehanna Valley.  We hope you come see us, and maybe even join us as we seek to love God, love people and be a beacon of hope in our community.

Church attire:  We dress casually. Jeans and a tee shirt are fine, but if you prefer to dress traditionally and make the rest of us look bad, go ahead :-)

What type of music do we have? We like to have music that reflects modern worship while still maintaining a connection to our roots. While our style is more contemporary we appreciate the tradition that got us here. 

What is our preaching style? We want you to understand the Bible, see how it meets your life and live differently by God’s strength. Because of that we will stay true to the context of the Bible while explaining what it looks like in life. 

What are our services like? We meet for about an hour and fifteen minutes. The service is a blend of music, a sermon and some other elements depending on the day.


  • Everyone's Invited.
  • Be a source of grace, not drama.
  • Do your best, because your best is worth doing.
  • We have a passion and an obligation for the next generation.
  • We expect God to do GREAT things because He ALWAYS has.
  • We have a rock solid dependence on God




Love God: Christianity is simply about connecting people with God. If what the Bible says is true about God’s incredible efforts and sacrifices to reach humanity, then our highest love is from God, and our truest purpose is to love Him in response. 

Love People: His love changes us. It inspires us to love others in a way that strives to imitate His love for us. It’s about being gracious. It’s about seeking truly authentic community where we want other people to love God (see above). No one’s perfect, but as we strive to love others, the church will make an impact on this world that is worth being part of. 


We exist for impact not attendance. We will love God, and love people by helping people to follow Jesus in the Harrisburg area and beyond.


As a member of the EFCA, we align ourselves with the association's statement of faith.